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Company Profile

Fashion changes, but style endures. At S.O.I.E., we embrace the magic of the possibilities within everyday life. S.O.I.E. is about ‘me’. Thus, S.O.I.E. spearheads a fashion consciousness that defines how beautiful it is to be ‘me’ for a whole new generation. Each product is created with this special ‘I love me’ feeling representing our core identity, which has a mature twist with a focus on feminine strength, self-confidence and style.Our goal is to create clothes that make every woman feel confident and stylish. With S.O.I.E., she can take home an experience that lets her feel fabulous inside and out, every day.

S.O.I.E. encompasses a complete premium apparels brand with lingerie as its core product offering. S.O.I.E. offers quality, affordable and inspiring clothing for the fashion-conscious, independent young women who want to dress well and pay less. Established in 2011 by Ginza Industries, today S.O.I.E. has expanded to over 2000 multi brand outlets, and has a presence in western India with six exclusive retail outlets and a robust social media presence.

With a team of over 4,000 people, Ginza industries proudly boast the manufacturing capacity of over 8,000 sq feet which is spread across 13 factories. Being a parent company, Ginza Industries independently looks after the manufacturing, tailoring and production of S.O.I.E..The production capacity of the company includes 15,000 pieces per day. The company has its headquarters in Mumbai.

From the tailoring to the made-to-last quality, the company uses natural materials and responsible production. Social responsibility is an integral part of the company. The company contributes 2 percent of their sales to support girl education.

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